'Otwarta Pracownia' (art gallery) will attempt to unveil art in an disinterested way without commercial and prestigious calculations. By taking up this activity, so natural in the field of art, 'Otwarta Pracownia' enters the stream of activities of other non-commercial galleries. The difference lies in the fact that 'Otwarta Pracownia' is founded not on a locally defined vision of art but with the full awareness that there is a state of profound uncertainty and disorientation in art, reaching as far as its basic questions.


Activity for its own sake is not the ambition of 'Otwarta Pracownia'. Neither is it a hunt for prestige. If there is nothing interesting to show nothing will be shown. If such a state becomes permanent, 'Otwarta Pracownia' will cease to exist. The founders of 'Otwarta Pracownia' are not going to make careers as gallery-slaves. 'Otwarta Pracownia' as a gallery is a transparent structure and does not overshadow the artists and their works.


'Otwarta Pracownia' searches for art, examines its conditions, displays works of artists, works to their advantage but does not promote artists and does not take part in promotional campaigns.


'Otwarta Pracownia' does not a priori value one medium above others, one concept of art over another. This is what is meant by its openness. However, we find it uninteresting being merely up to date, without a drift towards transcendence and replacing creativity with a contest in the field of art. 'Otwarta Pracownia' does not show art because it is an abstract notion, impossible to be shown. 'Otwarta Pracownia' shows works of art.


Having collected works is sufficient to organize a presentation in the 'Otwarta Pracownia'. The exhibition is the place where their quality is verified. The exhibition can become a negative verification for displayed works.


'Otwarta Pracownia' exerts its influence through presentations, publications and meetings. These are the three fields of activity of 'Otwarta Pracownia'. 'Otwarta Pracownia' presents current works and tries to verify and systematize Polish art of the last few years.

(Jerzy Hanusek) Cracow, October 1995